Due to the very different economies, small amounts from the point of view of those in the West can contribute disproportionally to improving the lives of people here. School costs range from £150 to £500 a year.

Government primary schools are free in principle, but in practice there are many additional expenses, such as meals and uniforms, putting school beyond the reach of poorer parents and guardians. Occasionally we have been able to sponsor an individual for a university degree or vocational training, though these costs are much higher.

Grants to set up small businesses, such as bee-keeping, planting cash crops and market- stalls, range from £50 to £400. Medical costs are usually modest, but in many cases life-saving, as are the occasional payments for food in emergency situations or long hospital admissions. Almost no medical treatments are free – some mission hospitals and clinics are partially subsidised, while government services are technically free but usually lacking in drugs and equipment, and many people die for lack of the £5 needed to treat malaria. Serious conditions we have helped with recently include adults with cancer, tropical ulcers and very severe burns. We have helped children with Hydrocephalus, TB, epilepsy and sickle cell disease.

Come and visit

We aim not to be a remote, institutional organisation to either our beneficiaries or our contributors, both volunteers and donors – we aim to link people of goodwill with resources to other people of goodwill, but in serious need. This can be in a more or less direct way: one way of getting involved is to come out to Uganda and visit the project. We can put you up at our base in a comfortable hut, and give you the opportunity to meet the people of northern Uganda, including our helpers and the people we support.

Some donors have got to know people and chosen to sponsor an individual or family. Others prefer to remain behind the scenes. We greatly value on-going contributions by standing order, however small, but are grateful too for one-off donations. Both of these can be gift-aided if you are a British tax payer.

Other ways to donate:

  • By cheque made out to ‘The Trust for Child Soldiers’ and posted to Garden Flat, 6 Old Devonshire Road, London, SW12 9RB
  • By electronic bank transfer / standing order:
Bank: The Co-operative Bank p.l.c., P.O. Box 101, 1 Balloon Street, Manchester, M60 4EP, UK
Account name: The Trust for Child Soldiers
Sort code: 08-92-99
Account number: 65387580
IBAN: GB29CPBK08929965387580

If you make a donation by bank transfer, please let us know by email/post.